Registration only with advance booking & on request during low season

A cosy ambience, soft light, relaxing background music and the scent of pure relaxation - all this characterises our sauna. An experience for all the senses.

Panorama sauna opening hours: 4pm – 8pm

Temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius

Minimum age: 16 years

Our sauna area is a nude area. You do not need to bring swimwear.

10 steps for a pleasant sauna visit.

1.          undress first and go to the washroom beforehand, if necessary.
2.       clean yourself thoroughly with water to remove sweat, perfume, deodorant, etc.
3.       dry off and take your sauna towel.
4.      enter the sauna for approx. 10 minutes.
5.      Sit down on your towel and relax.
6.      cool down outside first - a short walk is better for the cardiovascular system.
7.       now you can take a shower, we recommend to slowly start cooling down from your feet upwards to your heart.
8.      take enough time to recover. Rest for 30 minutes between each sauna session. Don't forget to drink.
9.      repeat points 1-9 approx. 2-3 times.
10.    after you have finished a sauna bath, drink enough and have a light meal such as a salad or fresh fruit.

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