Our Alm Bistro on the Ritten

Culinary delights for small and large foodies

A good start to the day begins with a delicious breakfast. We all agree on that, both in the family and among friends. It makes no difference whether we are on holiday on a campsite or in a holiday apartment. A little refreshment, preferably with a view of the mountains, is a must in the morning. The SchartnerAlm bistro is the perfect place for us. Here we can enjoy not only breakfast, but also drinks, snacks and the hospitality of the Ritten people all day long. In fine weather, on the spacious sun terrace - a "place with a view", I guess you would call it nowadays!

Another thing we particularly like is that you don't just meet guests of the SchartnerAlm here, but also locals and day trippers. That makes the whole thing even more authentic and a little more familiar. So, we are right in the middle of the action, can "pick up" one or two excursion tips and observe the hustle and bustle on the Ritten.

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The SchartnerAlm has now been closed for two years, BUT: from December 8th, 2022 life will come back in to the house (and to the campsite)!