Organic pool

Welcome to the organic pool of Schartner Alm!

You will bathe in chemical-free, biologically water, built according to the latest scientific findings and conformings to the Austrian standard
Ö-Norm L 1128.

The water of the organic pool is biologically treated according to the principle of running water. The biofilm is generated in the gravel filter basin next to the organic pool through the constant flow of water. The biofilm is a biocoenosis of algae, microorganisms and bacteria, which receives nutrients through the water. These nutrients enter the water through bathing and surface input (e.g. pollen).
The biofilm in the
gravel filter thus ensures biologically stable and natural bathing water of drinking water quality.

The biofilm is removed from the filter twice a year. This is done by injecting compressed air into the gravel filter and then emptying the filter. This removes all nutrients from the organic pool and the gravel filter is at its maximum capacity again.

The organic pool is a living system and interacts with its environment. Therefore, it is quite normal that in the course of a year, there may be an occasional film on the walls or a slight clouding may occur, caused by various factors (heavy pollen count in spring, unusual weather events and thus temperature fluctuations in the filter etc.). As a rule, however, these phenomena disappears again after a short time. In return, you have the certainty of bathing in a biological water without chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

We hope you enjoy your swim in the organic pool of Schartner Alm.

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