Off-leash dog zone

Correct behavior in the dog area


Basic rules for harmonious coexistence:

1. in this specially fenced-off area, you are not required to keep your dog on a leash and are allowed to let him run around freely.

2. as everywhere else, dog faeces must be collected and disposed by the dog owner.

3. there is a duty of supervision, so it is not permitted to lock up the dog here and go away from this area.

4. the dog area is a communal area for the guests of SchartnerAlm. Make sure that every human - or dog - can feel comfortable here.

5. dogs may only run around freely if they do not endanger anyone. The owner is liable for any damage caused by its dog.

6. we presume that every dog owner has a valid liability insurance for his dog.

7. if your dog does not listen to your commands, it must be kept on a leash.

8. do not allow your dog to rush uncontrollably towards newly arriving dogs or people. When bringing strange dogs together, do so calmly and on a leash.

9. strange dogs must not be attracted or fed.

10. avoid the dog zone with a female dog in heat to avoid causing excitement among male dogs.

11. injuries can occur during fun and games. We ask you to show consideration.

12. please put your 4-legged friend on a leash again before leaving the dog area.


We thank you for y our consideration.

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