Amenities for children

A paradise for children

If anyone or anything manages to make our children's eyes light up, it's the SchartnerAlm. As soon as they arrive, they look forward to their own little private kingdom in one of the Alm Lodges. Considering the children's beds with illuminated starry skies, other things easily become secondary - which we can absolutely understand. In addition, the furniture is made of solid pine wood and many small colourful details ensure that our little friends of nature feel completely at home.

As campers, we also find two lovingly furnished children's washrooms, which even have toilet seats in the shape of animals. Simply wonderful and beautifully colourful.

The beautiful building also has a 300m² indoor playground and an outdoor playground. In the children's playroom (indoors) we even find a soccer table, a ball pool, board games for all ages, and much more.

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